If you are looking for help for your child who is struggling with communication, behaviour or learning then this is for you.

Your child  might be waiting for an autism assessment, has already received the diagnosis or you are just suspecting that something is not going well in their development.

Right now you might be feeling completely lost, isolated and panic and stress are taking over. 

You want to feel connected to your child but they don’t seem to understand what you are saying and don’t respond. 

You are told to “wait and see”, “it is what it is” or you have been called an “anxious mum”. Dealing with the “looks” from others, feeling judged and losing the battle. 

You have so many questions, and are spending your time online searching for answers ending up even more overwhelmed.

Supporting a child starts from supporting the parent. 

Let us give you the support you deserve in our online community. The place to get your questions answered and discover the great parent you are.



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